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Sharpeners and setters with Resbud

Sharpening machine for band saws

  • 600W motor power
  • 220V power supply
  • rotation of the abrasive disk motor 2900 obr/min
  • width of sharpened blades 4,0-5,5m
  • total height 1400 mm
  • total weight 20 kg

The grinder uses easy electronic components

  • closed cooling system circuit
  • possibility of sharpening saw blades na "wet"
  • possibility of sharpening saw blades na "dry"
  • by using appropriate discs
  • size of the abrasive disk127 x 6 x 12,7
  • smooth regulation of feed speed

Setters (szrankownik)

It is used for manual unilateral opening of teeth. The screw mechanism used in it with a manual lever enables easy and accurate setting of the opening angle of the blade edge (kerf). The dial gauge with ear ensures precise opening of the saw (accurate to 0.020 mm).