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Band saw TP 800

TP 800 RESBUD apparatus with a movable cutting unit intended for the longitudinal sawing of wood.
It allows you to cut logs wooden slats squares, building products, upholstery facade, roofing shingles in high quality at high yield.

TP 800 RESBUD is produced in different versions and different parameters. The machine can be fitted directly in the production plant with all the devices for one-person operation.
You can also start with a modest complement of equipment leaving the next items on the later stages.

Basic version

  • motor 7,5 kW
  • automatic clutch
  • aising the cutting head up / down with the use of the operator
  • electric blade slide lath
  • hydraulic tensioner of the saw blade
  • mechanical / manual feed
  • length of the main frame 6 mb
  • logs loading - manual
  • manual adjustable pressure of the logs

    The maximum dimension of the workpiece
  • Diameter of the block to 0,90 m
  • Capacity up to 10 m3 / change
  • Cutting the last board to a minimum thickness of 25 mm.
  • width 1,9 m,
  • width in the working position  2,6,
  • working height 2,2,
  • weight 1150 kg,
    Trak has a CERTYFIKATE CE

Main drive

Main drive

The machine used for the main drive motor of 7.5 kW (11 kW or optionally 15 kW)

Trak was equipped with a soft starter electric appliance responsible for the smooth starting and braking of the main motor of the cutting head.

Manual angular

Sawmill bed is equipped with a standard resistance to manual angular (lateral resistance) protecting the log during cutting and during loading.

All controls are placed

All controls are placed on a single, clear, easy-to-use control panel mounted at the front of the machine's components greatly facilitates the monitoring of the cutting process.

Loading arm

Loading arm - each of them is equipped with a high hydraulic cylinder by means of which the log is loaded in a few seconds.

Hydraulic kit manewring piles

Hydrauliczny zestaw manewrowania kłodą

andsaw may also be provided with HYDRAULIC KIT maneuvering Piles


The additional device debarker (slitting cutter cortex) is used during operation increases blade life and reduces the time needed for manual removal of contaminants from the log.

Trak's bed

Sawmill bed is equipped with a standard resistance to manual angular (lateral resistance) protecting the log during cutting and during loading.


The standard length of the machine is 6 m (with a possible extension track)
- width 1.9 m, width 2.6 m the working position,
- working height of 2.2 m.
- Weight 1150 kg sawmill.

The hydraulic tensioner

The hydraulic tensioner allows correct blade tension. Additionally, there is the possibility of adjusting the electrical terminal blade slide (slider) during the cutting in order to preserve its stability.

Additional options

  • main drive  11,0 kW i  15,0 kW,
  • hydraulic angular resistance
  • extension of the bed by 3 m / or 6 m
  • cutting thickness programmer (electronic reader)
    ISP 010 NT
  • cutting head feed with infinitely variable cutting speed (inverter)
  • debarker
  • hydraulic leveling roller (additional)
  • hydraulic maneuvering set:
    - hydraulic loading arm,
    - hydraulic log rotator,
    - hydraulic leveling roller
    - chain rotary
  • the ability to regulate the electric sliding blade of the saw blade
  • mobile chassis
  • adjustable supports (legs) for the trackway 6 m
  • hydraulic loading arm for extension
  • hydraulic pressure with a double log clamping system


TP 800 Resbud cutting head has the following features: - lifting up / down with the operator. - feeding the cutting head (head moving forward / backward along the bed of backgammon) controlled manually (by hand) Optional: - feed rate of the cutting head with variable speed of 0 to 40 m / min (inverter).

Pressure block

Track machine is equipped with a manual adjustable pressure block retaining logs, squared timber cutting (available as standard).

Hydraulic roll

Hydraulic roll

responsible for leveling one or optionally both ends of the processed block.

Hydraulic clamp

Hydrauliczny docisk kłody

HYDRAULIC CLAMP logs with a double clamping system (controllable Up / Down, Left / Right) keeps the block processed in the respective immobilized positions.

Manual resistance

Manual resistance angular (lateral resistance) protecting the log during cutting and during loading.

Hydraulic resistance

Hydrauliczne opory kątowe

HYDRAULIC RESISTANCE angular (lateral resistance) protecting the log during cutting and during loading.

Hydraulic turner logs

HYDRAULIC turner logs 
allows you to quickly rotate the block to best position the next cut.

Automatic adjuster

The additional equipment is automatic adjuster sawmill thickness. 
ISP models NT 07, NT 09 ISP, ISP 010 NT. it allows the use of very fast and easy adjustment of the required thickness of the material or cutting of repeat any number of times. The controller has a special function to return a fixed amount by which it is possible to cut material without removing the individual boards of track machine. In models ISP O9, 010 NT, you can enter your own program przecieranych logs. The device is equipped with a large, easy-to-use keypad and easy to read display.

Extension Rails Trak

length according to the needs of 1.5 m; 3 m; 4.5; 6m allows to increase the cutting length of the treated logs.